True Colors

by Sebastian

Cory/Duncan | Rated M | 2002 | 4,481 words




It's possible to get Duncan McLeod quite mellow if you have a good single malt to hand. If you are lucky, he'll go to sleep later and then you don't have to endure his moralising or his dirty looks when you flirt - and more - with his on-off lover, Amanda.

Such an evening was this evening. Amanda and I had been having a great time until he'd resurfaced a couple of days previously; he certainly puts a damper on the best party.

But as I said, this evening the whisky had worked its magic and he'd ended up singing us strange Gaelic songs before falling asleep on the end of the couch in front of the fire. Luckily he made a good and uncomplaining footstool as I discovered when I stretched out on the couch myself and invited Amanda into my lap.

That girl has a great body. In the years I have known her I've never tired of running my hands over its sleek lines. I was making the most of my first opportunity in over forty-eight hours to re-acquaint myself with her sweet little breasts, when she put her hand over mine, broke off the kiss and murmured, "I can't do this with Duncan sitting right there, Cory."

"He's asleep," I pointed out, just in case she hadn't heard the snores. "He'll never know." I slipped open a second button and traced the lace of her bra across the swell of her warm flesh, nibbling at her neck to convince her.

"Maybe not, but I'm not making love to you in the same room as him, pal. Not even in the same house."

"Coward. Spoilsport. You don't think it'll give it that extra sparkle?"

"Nope. It's just gross, you insensitive goon."

I sighed. The lady had spoken and Amanda can be as stubborn as a mule.

"You can talk to me instead."

"If I just talk, can I leave my hand here," I asked plaintively, rubbing my palm over her nipple, which hardened immediately to my touch. She wanted me all right, but when Duncan's on the scene his... honour sorta rubs off on you. It's infuriating.

She smiled, so I pulled her down and kissed her again, doing with my tongue what she wasn't going to allow with my dick that night. Her ass shifted on my lap, I pressed up against her to get the maximum benefit from the crumbs she was dropping.

"Bad boy," she said, flicking at my lips teasingly with her tongue. "Talk, Cory."

"OK. I'll tell you a story. I'll tell you about the first time I met Duncan McLeod."

Her brow arched. "The first time? Wasn't it when you and I were on that spree back in the twenties... or not long before."

"It's what he'd like you to think. He's tried to forget when we first bumped into each other. Want to hear?"

"Yes. Of course I would." She wriggled around to lay her back against my chest, making herself comfortable. I won't try to describe what it did to my dick; the bitch knew, that's for sure. I wrapped my arms around her, looked over at Duncan lying there lying all peaceful but still somehow dapper even in his sleep, and remembered.

"It was quite a while ago. He hadn't been an immortal long, I think. At that time, I was master of a sweet little vessel, the 'Starling', and was making a good living as a freebooter out amongst the islands of the West Indies."

"You mean, you were a pirate," she said with a chuckle.

"A gentleman pirate, if you insist."

"How the hell did you become a pirate captain, Cory? I thought you'd never been a sailor."

"It wasn't a long period in my life. I won the ship at cards. I had to dispose of the original captain, though. He accused me of cheating."

"And were you?"

"Not really. At least, only after he did. So, I suddenly became owner and master of a tidy, rather swift ship, well set up and well armed. I knew nothing about navigation but fortunately the boatswain and mate did. They loathed each other deeply and liked me, so it wasn't a problem.

"Anyhow, pickings had been fairly good; I was considering putting into Montego Bay for supplies and to give the crew some leave, when the most ugly tub wallowed into view. Which port she was out of I have no idea, didn't find out her intended destination until much later, but she was a sitting duck. Naturally, I couldn't pass up a gift like that."

"I should think not!" said Amanda.

"Exactly. So we hoisted our colours."

"The Jolly Roger?"

"Might have been. Then we gave chase. We soon caught up with her and I could see she was turning to fire a broadside, so I gave to order to fire first. We were lucky, our ranging was good with that first shot. We took out half her sails; she couldn't manoeuvre. After that it was just a matter of coming alongside to board them, take them hand-to-hand. You know me Amanda, I'm not the type who revels in bloodshed, but there's something about standing on a rolling deck wielding a cutlass... "

"Something to do with your vanity, Cory, I think," she said scornfully. I squeezed her until she gasped and nuzzled at the soft pale hairs on her nape, tickling her there until she squealed for mercy. "Shhh... you'll wake him up. I want to hear the story."

"A bit of respect then, my lady Amanda."

"I'll try... 'My lady Amanda'?"

"Just setting the scene... But I digress. I took on the captain in single combat. If I said he was any sort of match for me, I'd be lying. I dealt with him in a few seconds, soon he was dead along with all on the ship except a gentlewoman and her small baby. She was scared and angry, but not crying, so I assumed her husband wasn't among the deceased. Normally, we took prisoners. Ransom, crew replacements... a little slave-trading on occasion. This time only the woman and the child seemed worth saving. Someone would likely ransom them or they might bring us a few pieces of gold next time we made port."

"That's dreadful, Cory."

"That's the way it was," I replied. Truly, living in a society can make you oblivious to its faults. It takes a man of vision to see injustices in a system without the benefit of hindsight. Naturally, I've always been more sensitive than most, aware of other people's suffering and poverty, but I guess that's just the way I was born. I don't expect others to be as perfect. Even my charity is tempered by prudence. The past has been brutal at times and survival can depend on fitting in. "They would have treated us the same."

"But you were pirates. You deserved it."

I gave her a hard look. "Freebooters, Amanda, please. Do you want to hear this or not?"

"Sorry. Go on."

"Everyone was dead, as I said, except one person came back to life again. My crew didn't know what he was but of course once I got close I sensed him. Hiding behind a binnacle... "


"Some bit of the boat. Maybe not a binnacle. It was a while back, woman. OK, hiding there was this huge wild-looking man dressed in the most appalling clothes. His hair was long, unkempt, he had a shaggy moustache and was wearing tartan trews and a jacket that looked as if it had been made for, and out of, a donkey. I cursed my crew for leaving him alive but I knew that they'd probably killed him really. It's just that he'd been so inconsiderate as to resurrect himself. He sprang up with an oath and lunged at me with his broadsword. Before I could deal with him several members of my crew grabbed him then pinned him to the deck, expecting me to stick him like a pig there and then. But he was helpless, and another immortal. Curiosity got the better of me. I had him bound and brought aboard my vessel along with the woman and baby and the loot from the ship. Then we scuttled it and sailed off into the sunset."

"So... that was Duncan. What was he doing there?"

"I didn't know who or what he was to begin with. You know how he is when he gets mad, goes all Scots on you. Remember he was ten times as bad in those days. Broad under normal circumstances, when he got angry you needed subtitles. It turned out we couldn't question the woman either. She spoke some language nobody could understand; the child was too young to talk at all.

"I'd realised at once Duncan was a Scotsman, so I decided to let him get a grip on himself and then question him, find out if the woman was worth her passage. Her jewels and clothes were fine, but not so fine as to bump her into the seriously rich category; her papers were gibberish, no clue there. I needed to know how much she'd ransom for, because if that wasn't an option she'd be disposed of at the next port, it wasn't worth finding a good buyer just for her body. She was healthy and strong, but had a face sour enough to curdle milk.

"We locked her away down in the hold. She was hysterical, hollering her head off - the baby as well. Ear-splitting. McLeod shouted enough, too. I told the crew to gag him in the end, then bind him more securely before taking him to my cabin.

"I left him on the floor there while I had supper. It must have been a couple of hours before he stopped struggling and his face turned from puce to its more usual colour. During that time, the smell got very rank. He wasn't too savoury to begin with, the Scots weren't in those days - too cold in that benighted country of theirs to get into the habit of washing. To be fair, it wasn't popular with others either, as I expect you remember. So, what with the heat below decks and the way he'd been thrashing about he'd built up quite a sweat.

"Once I'd finished supper I took off the gag and offered him some water. He took a mouthful, then the ungrateful bastard spat it at me. I tried to be patient, however. He'd had a shock and he thought he was in enemy hands."

"Well, he was," Amanda laughed. "Poor Duncan."

"I had nothing against him personally. This was business."

"That makes it alright then, I suppose," choked Amanda.

"Yup. He lay there, quivering with outrage and glared at me. I glared right back for a while, then asked him quite politely who the woman was and what was his own place on the ship we had taken. If he replied, it was to curse me. Duncan has a good range of inventive and crude ways to describe you and your mother if you rile him enough. Mostly, he was pig-headedly silent.

"I beat him, but like lots of immortals, even though he was fairly new to the game he could endure pain because it was meaningless. I threatened to hurt the woman but all he'd say, in his prosey way, was, 'She's ay' better off dead than in your scurvy clutches, man.' He thought once I knew who she was, I'd go for the ransom and kill her anyway. His silence was keeping her safe. However, by then I wouldn't have taken his head no matter what. It had become a challenge to break him.

"I let him stew overnight in the brig, then in the morning ordered him taken on deck to be scrubbed and shaved. He cleaned up very nicely... His language marked him out as having some culture; he had pride oozing out of his ears. I thought I might get a price for him, too. The captured ship itself hadn't been a vast prize, so every extra penny was welcome. Also, he'd pissed me off so much I was inclined to see him suffer as much as possible. A spell labouring in chains might humble him.

"Then I had an idea.

"We couldn't keep him tied up forever - you know it's impossible anyway with immortals. If you've got the guts to rub yourself raw or break a bone or two you can escape eventually from any binding. Iron would work far better, so I had the ship's smith rivet a slave collar around his neck and a pair of cuffs around his wrists. By noon he was shackled with his arms spread out over his head to the beams in my cabin ceiling."

"I bet he looked good like that," said Amanda. I could hear the appreciation in her voice as she looked over at Duncan. In his sleep he'd twisted round, now his jersey was pulled tight over his shoulders and body outlining his torso clearly. She smacked her lips.

"What I wouldn't give... "

"Exactly," I said, letting out a deep sigh. "The idea I'd had became a necessity as soon as I saw him stretched out like that, tempting as cotton candy fresh on a stick. I just wanted to dive right in.

"'Pain doesn't scare you, Duncan McLeod, but how about dishonour?' I said.

"'I am Duncan McLeod of the clan McLeod. Death will take me before I will besmirch my name... yadda... yadda... ' You've heard him... "

"Too often," she said.

"'I'm afraid to say that this time dishonour will get you first,' I said as I unsheathed my dagger.

"'Do your worst. I care not,' says he.

"'Very well,' I replied. You know, Amanda, 'OK' hadn't been invented then. I can't remember the first time I heard it... "

"Me neither. Annoying isn't it?"

"Um... " I took a deep breath. Amanda rolled on my thighs pleasantly, so I did it again.

"Get on with it, Cory." She sounded a little peeved.

"Cock tease... I walked towards him with the knife. He looked nobly into the middle distance. He kept that up until his shirt was gone. When I started on his horrible trousers his gaze faltered a little; by the time I'd sliced off his undergarments he was breathing heavily and keeping his eye on the knife.

"Oh lord, it was a beautiful sight, Amanda. He was all shiny, dripping with sweat. It was damned hot in that cabin and, judging by how short his breath was coming, he was nervous, too. He has a hell of a body, now it was splayed out right in front of me naked as the day he was born."

"Great shoulders and chest. Trim hips. Beautiful ass. Oh yeah... "

"My mouth was watering... "

"You always liked the muscly ones, darling. But Duncan? That's a surprise."

"Listen. My mouth was watering. Something else was getting damp, too... I slid my blade carefully under his limp dick and lifted it. Even soft, he was huge. He flinched, and his nuts seemed to shrivel, hide inside his body.

"'What are ye, man? A devil?' he says. He stood on tiptoe to lean back away from me, as far as his chains would allow. 'If y're to cut, do it and right soon. Ye'll no break me.'

"'I've finished with the knife,' says I. 'I had planned to pierce you with another weapon.'

"'Bring it out then, and ha' done.'

"So I began to unbutton my fly. His Adam's apple bobbed in his throat, moving the collar round his neck. I nearly came, there and then. He'd become a little pale, then he shut his eyes and began muttering. When I got close I realised he was praying, the uptight asshole.

"'Last chance,' I said. 'Tell me who she is, or I will take your manhood and pride from you forever.'

"'Do as ye will,' he gritted. I could see him bracing himself. By then, I was a little sorry for him but I couldn't summon any real sympathy. He's so fucking unbending... "

"You bloody bastard, Cory,"

"Aww, come on." I turned her head and grinned at her. "He was a big boy. If he'd captured me, I'd have been hung from the yardarm and left to suffer, I bet."

"So you raped him?"

"Yes. Technically I suppose I did. Do you want me to stop now?"

She hesitated, then grinned back. "No. Go on." I slipped my hand between her thighs; this time she didn't protest, she was wet, as horny as myself. I kissed her ear softly and said, "As my lady wants... "

"I slicked him up with a handful of goose-grease. You know, he was so tense, I had a hard time even prying his ass-cheeks apart. I rubbed him there gently, put my other arm round to take his cock and pressed myself against him. By then, my cock was sliding between his cheeks too, over my hand. The rhythm of his chanting faltered a little; as I fondled his balls and slipped a finger carefully into his ass it stopped altogether, then continued more loudly. Boy, was I excited. I wanted to plug him right then, but I needed to humiliate him first, show him his own impurity."

Amanda's thighs spread a little at that. "Duncan... impurity. It sounds obscene."

"Doesn't it just? It took an age to get a response, but eventually I made him hard. I'd intended to fuck him, but I changed my mind. I worked myself against him, humped him until I came. I don't think he realised it had worked for me, that my spunk was dribbling down his buttocks. Then I gave him my full attention. By the time he came too, I had a couple of fingers up inside him and he didn't give a shit, he was so out of it. He was pushing himself hard against them when I felt his cock throbbing and he splattered my floor with his sperm."

"Oh, Cory. You do know just how to get to a girl. What happened then?"

"Take your panties off and I'll tell. I'm suffering here, sweetness."

"Oh no, story first."

"Damn you. Well, I had them take him back to the brig and chain him by the neck with his hands behind him."

"Still naked?"

"Oh yeah. I listened in to him later and he was praying again, for forgiveness this time. I repeated the treatment the next day, and commented as well on his lack of appetite. He'd left his food, you see. I suppose he was too upset to eat. 'You'll be too weak to defend her, if you get the chance,' I said. On the third day, I fucked him. If he'd had any sense and wanted to frustrate me, he'd have jacked off in his cell before I got to him, but I suspect in those days he thought that sinful, too.

"He wouldn't talk, though. Even after a fortnight, when he was hard before I had him brought to me, and blushing from the shame of it, he wouldn't speak. By then, we were near a safe port and it was simply easier to hunt out someone from the island who could speak the woman's lingo to get her identity. It turned out she was the wife of the ambassador of Prussia. She was Polish, only spoke a smattering of German apart from her own tongue. I left her there, organised a friend to sort out the ransom money before setting out to sea again."

"And Duncan? What did he do then?"

"I didn't tell him that she'd been put ashore," I said, laughing.

"Cory! Cruel."

"Oh, he was too lovely to just throw away. Without the moustache, all clean and naked, all self-sacrificing... The crew were sworn to silence. They thought it a great joke."

"How long did this go on?"

"Despite himself and his principles, Duncan's body knew what it wanted. At last I got his promise to co-operate, to let me use him without needing to chain him. I was a bit regretful, he's pretty in bondage... "

"Whew. It's some image," said Amanda, nestling down as my fingers played over her silk-covered crotch, damp with her juice. "Shame there were no cameras then... How did you make him promise?"

"I threatened to chain him on deck, let the crew have him. I told him I was tiring of him. I might have been the devil, but that was too much for him. He compromised, made a pact with his conscience. Once he'd done that, he relaxed somewhat. Allowed himself to enjoy without the penance."

"Obviously, it ended. What happened? Did somebody tell him you were lying to him?"

"If it had ended like that, do you think I'd be sitting here with my head on my shoulders, stupid girl? No. My own conscience got the better of me in the end. We'd dropped anchor in a little bay on the coast of Cuba. Remote, but there were villages within a couple of days walk. I bound his hands with rope, took him ashore... naked still. He was bronzed all over by then. He was magnificent. I nearly changed my mind... I dropped a bundle of clothing and supplies beside him and told him about my scam. Christ he was mad! We rowed off as fast as we could, but he still tried to swim after us. He only gave up when I pointed out a shark heading his way. That was the last I saw of him until this century."

"That's quite a tale, Cory," she said, easing away from me. "Thank you. I shall never see Duncan in quite the same light again. I'll have my eye on him every time a nice ass walks past, don't doubt it. And now, I'm going to bed." She rose to her feet, putting out her hand for me.

"Those are the best words I've heard all evening, baby. Let's go."

As we got to the stairs, she twined her arms round my neck and kissed me. "I told you not here, not now with Duncan in the house. Don't you ever listen?"

"But you promised... " I protested.

"Too bad if you thought I did, darling. You can chalk it up to collect on another day. Goodnight!"

With that, she disappeared into the gloom.

"I should take your head for this, you... liar. You... piece of dung that passes for a man," hissed an angry voice right in my ear.

I would have answered, but Duncan had a stranglehold on my windpipe by then. He'd crept up behind me as I'd watched Amanda up the stairs, and he sounded more than mad. I shook my head, pulled at his hands to dislodge him. His grip was solid as stone; I couldn't shift him. He dragged me back to the living room and letting go, dumped me back on the couch. As I struggled to drag in air through what felt like an atom-wide hole, he said, "If I thought she'd believed a word of what you said, I'd make your life a living hell from now on, you little shit. What the hell were you doing, making up such... slanderous rubbish?"

I struggled to my feet to face him... well, to back away from him really, because despite his words he still looked as if he'd go for his sword, and I wanted room to dodge. "It was true, in essence."

"In essence, you say? In essence... ? Y' conveniently omitted the fact that we first met when the naval ship I was on boarded the vessel full of brigands ye'd been sailing with...

I backed away some more. His accent was regressing; it's a bad sign. Very bad... "I wasn't with them, McLeod. I was their captive... "

"Oh yes... and why were y' their captive may I ask? Because ye'd cheated them. That was true, I suppose. I'll gie ye that."

"I didn't deserve what they did!" I protested. My heel hit the wall and suddenly McLeod was upon me, pinning me against the rough stone. He put a hand either side of my head and fixed me with his frown. I grinned sheepishly. Oddly, he has that effect on me... either makes me feel mad or foolish.

"No... mebbe ye didn't deserve to be the crew's bum-boy, to be swived six ways to eternity, which is why I rescued y', Cory. Remember that?"

"Not all of the fucking crew. Just the officers," I reminded him.

"The way y' acted, I thought it could have been every boat that ever sailed the Atlantic. Ye were pathetic."

"I'd had a rough time. I was grateful."

"So grateful, I couldn't keep y' from my bed, you little queer."

I smiled at him. You know, that was a memory worth its weight in gold. I reached round the solidity of him and pulled him to me, to feel him against me once more. "You were too damned handsome in that uniform, Duncan. The buttons, the braid. You made me melt with lust. I was destined to be in there."

"And, like a fool, I gave into ye... "

"You were so secretive, Duncan. Homosexuality is almost an institution in the navy."

"Not for a McLeod - "

" - of the clan McLeod... " I finished for him. "I was careful, wasn't I."

"Y' gave me heart-attacks, ye villain."

"I can give you more, my bonny Duncan," I said hoarsely, pressing my crotch against him. Our hard-ons jostled for room and I dipped to nibble at his neck. "Tonight, tomorrow... "

"When y' can spare time from ploughing my mistress, no doubt?"

"Rather you, McLeod. She makes me horny, you make me wild."

"As ye made me, the day ye repaid your debt to me by stealing the jewels I was escorting for Princess Mary's wedding the day we made land. Ye betrayed my honour then, and y' will again."

"I regret that. I've told you that, Duncan McLeod. I've sworn it to you. You said you forgave me."

"Then, mebbe ye should not risk my renewed wrath by making up tales for my mistress, Cory. Ye'll have to atone for your faults." He looked haughtily at me, but his lips twitched, just a little.

"You're right, as always, McLeod," I replied in a subdued voice. I reached round to his neck, to flick off the clip that bound his hair, and combed his locks around his face. "Duncan McLeod, of the clan McLeod, my wild and wonderful Highlander, I beg you to let me begin tonight, with a kiss."



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