by Shadowfox

Krycek, Gen | Rated PG | 2002 | 880 words




Every finger in the room is pointing at me
I wanna spit in their faces
then I get afraid of what that could bring
I got a bowling ball in my stomach
I got a desert in my mouth
figures that my courage
would choose to sell out now
I've been looking for a saviour in these dirty streets
looking for a saviour beneath these dirty sheets
I've been raising up my hands
drive another nail in
just what God needs one more victim
Why do we crucify ourselves
every day I crucify myself
nothing I do is good enough for you
I crucify myself and my heart is sick of being in chains.
Crucify, Tori Amos-LITTLE EARTHQUAKES, 1991


"That's what you don't understand, brother..."

"I can give you a thousand lives for one, Skinner..."

"Kill Mulder..."


Screams of agony in the air...


More screaming, harsh and loud and eerie-sounding because it was in his own voice...


And then there was nothing anymore except blackness.

Alex Krycek jerked awake in blackness, panting harshly, fighting to keep the screaming down...but it was there, sheer hysteria on the edge of spilling over and he shoved his knuckles into his mouth to muffle the whimpering cries as the blackness closed in on him.

"Alex." Calm voice, soothing... but not the one he'd been hoping to hear, and it took him a moment to realize who was speaking.

"Jack?" it was little more than a whisper, but it seemed to be enough.

"Yeah," and the light came up a bit, enough for him to see by, and he realized that it hadn't been pitch black after all, that Jack had left the dimmer on so he wouldn't have to be in total blackness. The kindness was unexpected, but appreciated. "I told you you shouldn't have gone there," the other man continued, but there was no censure in his voice, only concern.

"Yeah, but when have I ever listened?" The other man only nodded. After a minute of semi-companionable silence, Alex continued. "He didn't even look back at me, Jack. Didn't even hesitate when he walked away," and his voice was quiet, but the hurt plain.

"He knew, Alex; he knew it was a replicant and not you," the blond man finally came over and sat on the bed, dared to touch the emotionally wounded man sitting there. "You knew he knew." At the startled look Alex gave him, Jack Bauer smiled a little, "didn't you?" Krycek looked even more confused, so Bauer tried to clarify it for him. "Alex, the results of your last physical after we sprung you in North Dakota were... amazing. Mental activity off the charts. Mulder's was the same, and for some reason, you two are tuned in to each other."

Alex tried to decipher the cryptically bland look Bauer was giving him. "Jack, you knew I had to be there."

"Couldn't trust me to take care of Skinner if he'd decided to actually shoot Mulder instead of the replicant?" Again, there was no censure, only a slight knowing note that made Alex actually blush, something that almost never happened.

"I trust you with my life, man; you know that. But Mulder's more important than everything," there was a hesitation as he wrestled with his words, "I had to be sure."

"You know I don't miss."

"I couldn't take the chance."

Bauer understood. "So now you know that Skinner can be trusted. Now what?"

Alex sighed. "I leave him to the job I've primed him for so that I can do mine. Mulder is my sole responsibility now that I've got Skinner to take care of Scully and her baby."

"Is the baby Mulder's?" Jack couldn't resist the question, even knowing that the subject hurt his friend.

"Yeah," Krycek sighed heavily. "William Fox Scully-Mulder, the first of the new generation of human super-soldiers created to fight off Colonization. Saviour of the freakin' world."

Bauer ignored the bitterness in Krycek's voice, knowing that to call attention to it was pointless. "And what about Mulder?"

"Mulder's the key to everything," Alex admitted heavily. "There's a reason he survived all of the testing when his sister didn't, something that needs to be protected at all costs. I don't think he's aware of it even now." He finally stirred out of the bed and started putting his clothes back on and Jack let him, knowing that it was also pointless to try and hold Alex back when he had his mind made up about something. Right now, that something was to go and collect Mulder as quickly as possible and go to ground.

"What happens now?"

Alex looked Jack squarely in the eyes, saying only, "it's better that you don't know, Jack. But you'll be there if I need you, right?"

"Always, man," and they hugged, slapping each other hard on the back before parting. But as Alex got to the door, Jack felt the need to give the other man one last warning. "Alex..."

Krycek stopped without turning back. "Yeah?"

"Watch your back, man."

"You too," and then he was gone like a ghost, silent and without a trace, leaving Jack with only one muttered Russian phrase echoing to mark his passage: Mo'toshe tibyae, tavarish.

Good luck to you, my friend.



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