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Haven, Tom Andrews/Dish Boggett slash, Rated NC-17
Cover Art by Carla Jane
text file of lyrics for Claire Lynch's "Safe Haven"
text file for story
Summary: Seventeen year old Tom Andrews has trouble with his companions and is rescued from the situation by Dish Boggett (from 'Lonesome Dove: The miniseries'). Tom stays with Dish for a short time.

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Roy (Their Second Chance) Rated PG-13 Blue Moon(removed from web at author's request)
Cover art by dossier and Jami Wilsen
Enya "Portrait (Out of the Blue)"
Spoilers: Almost none for Their Second Chance, and seeing the movie is almost unecessary. Warnings: Three hankies.
Notes: Roy's life doesn't get any easier after Laurie dumps him, but with the help of a good friend, anything is possible.

Intermezzo, Maximillian/Krycek slash, Rated NC-17
Cover Art by dossier
AntonioVivaldi- "Winter"
text file for story
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Schmoop alert!
Summary: Maximillian takes his favorite on vacation.

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Phantom Pain, Mulder/Krycek slash, Rated PG-13
Cover Art by Wildy
text file of lyrics for The Herd "From the Underworld"
text file for story
Disclaimer: 1013 got them into it. Now, if I get them out of it, can I keep them?
Notes: Post Existence story. Alex has to get where he wants to be. Beta: Frankie and Sebastian. Thanks to Wildy for the title.
Spoilers: Assume spoilers for everything.

The End of Innocence, Vic/Nathan horror, Rated R
Cover Art by Dr. Ruthless
Danny Elfman "Castle on the Hill"
text file for story
Warning: This is a horror story, not a love story. Assume the worst and you won't be far wrong.
Notes: Not everything is always as it seems. Beta by Frankie and Sebastia;n Thanks to Kozha for the idea.
Spoilers: None

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Artwork Rated G
Alex &Lilah
Cory &Amanda
text file of lyrics for Helen O'Connell's "Green Eyes"

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After the Rain, Mulder/ Krycek slash, Rated R: Through a series of notes, phone calls and chats, Mulder discovers what it really is about Alex Krycek.
Cover art by Dr. Ruthless
text file of lyrics for Blue Rodeo's "After the Rain"
text file for story
Authors' Summary: An exchange of letters and online chats leads to the truth.
Spoilers: If you haven't watched the show, this might give away certain things like a certain character only having one arm. IOW, basic XF M/K knowledge applies, but that's about it.

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Cover: 'Crucify'

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Stranger than Fiction, Vic/Mac slash, Rated NC-17
Cover Art by Dr. Ruthless
text file of lyrics for Moe "Stranger than Fiction"
text file for story
Summary: When the Director orders her agents to get a hobby, LiAnn takes up slash writing, using her partners as the central characters. Victor and Mac discover a print out of one such story and begin to read.

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Casualties of War, Tony Edwards Rated PG-13
Cover Art by Dr. Ruthless
text file of lyrics for BB King's "There Must be a Better World, Somewhere"
text file for story
Disclaimer: Tony Edwards, and Jake and The Kid, belong -near as I can tell- to Great North Productions, and probably some other people as well. Hank and Jeff Metcalf, and the fictional town of River Run, Ohio, are borrowed from the late TV show, Homefront, which belongs to somebody else entirely. (ABC TV, maybe?) They are all used without permissionbut I treated them kindly, and I didn't make any money from them. Any characters you don't recognize (other than the above stated) are my own creation, and belong to me.
Summary: Back-story for Tony Edwards (a.k.a. Mac Smith.) Set, for the most part, just after WW2. Where do you go to find out who you are, when you can't be who you were and don't like who you've become?
Spoiler Warning and Rating: Contains minor spoilers for the Jake And The Kid episode "Grand Plans." But, since it's a prequel, and pretty much unrelated, nothing that truly spoils the plot of the episode. Rated PG-13, due to some relatively mild 'language.'
Other notes: Huge thanks: To Sue for insisting that I write this, and for the lovely cover. To Wendye and Sue (again) for beta reading. But mostly thank you to Nick, for giving Tony a heart, and a soul, and for making me care.

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Cover Illustration: Original Vector art by laylya b.
Cover: 'Before The Tide Turned'
Cover: 'Mañana'
Notes on Vector Art, by laylya b.

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Dogge, Mulder/Krycek Rated Gen
Cover Art by Wildy
text file of lyrics for The Monkees' "I'm Gonna Buy Me a Dog"
text file for story
Spoilers: Assume minor ones for most Krycek episodes. Takes place after "Tunguska/Terma" and "Patient X/The Red and The Black" but before Season 6...
Warning: Er, I dunno. Minor drug use?
Summary: The best-laid plans of rats and men...

Model 'A', Rodney Lange, Mac 27 PG-13
Cover Art by Dr. Ruthless
text file of lyrics for Tim Finn "Carve You in Marble"
text file for story
Warning: Alcohol abuse, drug use, non-con bondage and an adult website.
Spoiler: Minor ones for " The Fighter" (Highlander) and "In Our Image" (Outer Limits)
Summary: Everyone has a beginning, with a mother and a father, no matter how reluctant.

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Before The Tide Turned, Krycek/Scully het, Rated R
Cover Original vector art by laylya b.
text file of lyrics for X Marks the Pedwalk "Turn of the Tide"
text file for story
Category: Krycek/Scully in Season 2 before Scully's abduction
Spoilers: Some for Season 2
Summary: Alex Krycek is working with Mulder and Scully and discovers something about himself and Agent Scully.

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Mountains and Mercenaries Don't Mix, Tom McLaren/Tyr Anasazi slash, Rated NC-17
Cover Art by Dr. Ruthless
text file of lyrics for Vangelis/Stina Nordenstam "Ask the Mountains"
text file for story
Summary: A strange little AU where our intrepid mountain guide meets a mercenary who's been hired to keep his group off K2.
Notes: Just imagine one of Tyr Anasazi's original human progenitors, who looks just like him of course, crossed with a gorgeous green-eyed mountaineer played by Nick Lea... we did! And for those who saw Vertical Limit, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

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Crucify, Alex Krycek Rated PG
Cover Art by Josie
text file of lyrics for Tori Amos "Crucify"
text file for story
Summary: The aftermath of the events in the FBI parking garage.
Spoilers: Not really. I don't watch XF anymore, you see, so if they are in there, they're slight.
Comments: This is a vignette based on the event that didn't happen at the end of XF's last season, and it crosses over slightly w/Twenty-four in that I dragged Jack Bauer into it kicking and screaming. Hey, I needed something and Jack was the most likely choice, seeing as how he's a secretive type guy in a secretive type agency and all.

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Postulate, Dustin Yarma/OFC/David Lake Rated PG-13
Cover Art by Dr. Ruthless
text file of lyrics for Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts "The Photograph Kills"
text file for story
Summary: Child's-eye view of KTG. Freaky and probably inappropriate. Oh well.
Spoilers: Anything from The Raffle &Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye is fair game.
Warnings: Freudian? Who - me?
Notes: The reader will notice that the ages of the characters don't match the time frame of the two films. For the sake of this story, I'm placing the events of The Raffle around 1985, and leaving KTG as 2000. I would argue that, thematically, The Raffle seems almost retro-nostalgic, reminiscent of the politically incorrect, wacky scam genre movies of the 1980's like Risky Business, Something Wild, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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Mañana, Fox Mulder/Steven Harris, Alex Krycek slash, Rated PG-13
Cover Original vector art by laylya b.
Eddie Santiago, "Manana"
text file for story
Fandom: Crossover: X-Files, The Impossible Elephant
Pairing: Implied Mulder/Krycek, Mulder/Steven Harris
Summary: At Alex Krycek's graveside, Mulder thinks he has been given a second chance.

True Colors, Cory/Amanda het, Cory/Duncan slash Rated R
Cover Art by Dr. Ruthless
text file of lyrics for The Cure "Pirate Ships"
text file for story
Fandom: Highlander
Summary: When Cory tells Amanda a bedtime story, Duncan has to nudge his memory.

Sophie Raven

Four Alex Collages, Artwork Rated PG
One, Two Three Alex
text file of lyrics for Robbie Williams's "Karma Killer"

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End of a Nightmare, Dustin Yarma/Joe Dolan slash, Rated NC-17
Cover Art by Tarlan
text file of lyrics for Enrique Iglesias' "Escape"
text file for story
Summary: Dustin Yarma is trapped in a nightmare of his own creation. A stranger in a bar offers to help him find a way out.
Warning: Some strong language, explicit homoerotic sex and a flashback to a rape scene.
Spoiler: For all of the films: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Nick Lea) and Deadfall (Michael Biehn)

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Cover Art 'Dogge'




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