Before the Tide Turned

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Krycek/Scully | Rated R | 2002 | 5,440 words

Where the hell was Mulder? It'd been... almost thirty minutes since he and Scully had began their 'conference' in the storeroom nearest Scully's office at Quantico. To defeat surveillance audio and video, they'd said, as if that would help.

"Wait here," Mulder had said. "I'll just be a few minutes. Scully might have some information that could help us. Knock if you get the impression that anyone's looking for Scully."

Mulder had smiled winningly, at least making an effort to inspire some enthusiasm for compliance. Scully, on the other hand, had looked down her nose at him. Tough to do, since she had to look up to meet his eyes, but she'd had no trouble. He had almost been able to hear the, "Be a good boy, Alex," that they both were thinking. "Play along, so we can continue to work closely together, even though we've been officially separated."

Guard duty didn't appeal to Krycek, particularly when it required him to loiter in a hallway intersection for no particular... or fathomable reason. It was boring. And it was beneath him. He was on his way up. Everyone knew that, except the two FBI agents that he was saddled with presently and their boss. Oh well. They'd know soon enough. And then... things would be different. Smiling for the first time in half an hour, Special Agent Alex Krycek glanced back down the east - west running hallway. Nothing. The north -south was a different matter. There were two black suits moving methodically near each end, not trying to hide the fact that they were looking for something or someone. Ok, playtime was over.

Moving quickly to the storeroom door, Krycek knocked and turned the knob. Locked. Great. We're losing time here, kids. Not to mention the risk of attracting some unwanted attention, if this door typically wasn't locked. To knock again or not? That decision was taken out of his hands when he heard the lock mechanism disengage. Without hesitation, he opened the door and entered.

"What's up, Krycek?" Mulder inquired laconically.

"Suits moving in from the north and south, Mulder." What's up with the two of them? Looks like they had a fight.

"How close?"

"Close enough. They'll get here in a few minutes, if someone needing some disinfectant doesn't beat them to it."

Mulder was busying himself with picking up the 'evidence' he'd brought to show Scully. "Understood. Take off your jacket."

He couldn't have heard that right, although Scully's incredulous look at Mulder suggested that he might have. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me, Krycek. Do it. Now."

"Mulder?" Dana Scully inquired, watching Krycek shrug and do as his partner asked, his expression complicated.

"Can I have your lab coat, Scully?" Krycek's expression was easier to read now. It said, 'Your turn,' so he didn't have to. "Today, Scully?"

Annoyance was evident in the rough way that the young woman attacked the buttons, all the while wondering why she'd ever agreed to this meeting. Mulder had a lot of paper, several fuzzy photographs, but no conclusive evidence... of anything. Typical.

Fox Mulder was pleased by the tension level he'd managed to achieve in the room. He approached Krycek, who was setting his jacket down on top of a box of protective gloves, invading his personal space immediately the younger man turned back toward him. Quickly and efficiently, he untied Alex's polyester tie.

"What the fuck, Mulder?"

"Don't be difficult." Surprising Krycek again, Mulder unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt.

"I don't know how to break this to you, Mulder, but this is doing nothing for me." He'd finally snapped. There was no other explanation. The stress of his constant search for 'The Truth' must've finally become too much.

"You don't know how relieved I am to hear that." Turning back toward Scully, he smiled and took the proffered lab coat. "Thank you, Scully."

Placing a hand on the small of her back, Mulder steered her toward Krycek. Lowering his voice to a whisper, he said, "Our monochromatic friends are looking for Scully, who they will find in this storage room. And there may well be someone around who noticed the two of us come in here. A man and a woman, right?"

"Mulder..." The man she'd named recognized the warning shot across his bow but forged ahead, anyway.

"And... I've been thinking it's high time for the two of you to get to know each other better." Fox Mulder couldn't keep the grin at bay, faced with Scully's murderous look and Krycek's muttered curse. "So we can kill two birds with one stone. I'll be over with the big autopsy, doin' knives."

The two younger agents watched his back for a moment before looking at each other warily. Dana sighed. This was so... Mulder. Putting her in an untenable position, cheerfully expecting her to... do as he said. She didn't like it, even when, as now, what he suggested made a strange form of sense. The urge to rebel was overwhelming, but her pragmatic side argued against it. Still, rebellion could take a number of forms. Maybe she could select one that would also provide a measure of revenge with respect to her former partner.

Alex grimaced. Here he was expected to... 'get to know' the Ice Queen of the Bureau better. He could think of many things more pleasant. Like a root canal without anesthetic performed by a dentistry student. To top things off, a report of this little adventure would get back to the smoker. Those were his men outside. They had to be. Who knows what he'd make of it? Could be ok. Could be big trouble. Well, he'd be damned if he'd make the first move. Every time he'd looked her in the eye, the temperature in whatever room they'd been in dropped about twenty degrees. Celsius. Glacier blue was her eye color, as far as he was concerned, but if he didn't at least make an effort, he'd never hear the end of it from Mulder. The proverbial rock and hard place. Excellent. Steeling himself, he took a step forward and risked a look at her face. And she... smiled at him. Smiled? Scully?

Effortlessly, she hoisted herself up to sit on the edge of a small, elevated table and reached out her hand to him. "Come over here... Alex." Her voice was little above a whisper, husky, luring him a few steps closer. Taking her hand and allowing himself to be drawn further forward, Krycek found himself admiring the thighs encased in gray wool and noticing that her sweater was a little tight in the correct places. Realizing what he was doing, he cleared his throat and tentatively met her eyes. Glaciers? Jesus, not anymore. They were blue flame, very intense, very, very hot, incredibly... sexy. That wasn't possible. Was it?

Scully was well aware of her Bureau reputation. She should be, she'd worked long and hard to create it to keep the boys at bay. She was serious about her career and wanted her commitment recognized. So she expected Krycek to be dreading this - encounter - and he was. Yet he'd checked her out despite himself, and moved where she'd directed, between her thighs. He stared into her eyes, then at her arm when she released his hand and trailed her fingertips up his arm to his shoulder. Sliding along his shoulder to the back of his neck, she discovered something interesting. He was hiding what felt like a nice musculature under that button down shirt, making her wonder about the chest and back. Scooting slightly forward, she wrapped her legs around his waist and began toying with the top buttoned button on his shirt.

"Scully, I don't think..."

She smiled as his voice trailed off, knowing but not acknowledging that his sudden muteness had everything to do with the path that her fingernail had just run - along the base of his throat. "That'll ruin the effect, don't you think?"

At that moment, Alex Krycek couldn't imagine anything that would ruin the effect she was having on him. If he wasn't careful, she'd crack the green agent persona. Hell, if she continued touching him like that, he'd be moaning her name, bruising her lips, leaning her back on that table, and... Stop. Alex, Jesus, forget it. This is Dana Scully not some nobody. "Ruin ...?" Dana Scully was kissing his neck. God. "What?"

She leaned back, looking him up and down, licking her lips.

His breathing was no longer even, his face, flushed.

"Not Scully, Alex. Dana. More appropriate - yes?" Her eyes were laughing at him, but her hands. Christ. They'd traversed a lazy path from his shoulders to the small of his back, encouraging him to lean closer. "Don't like girls Alex? Or are you just shy?" Without waiting for him to respond, she kissed him lightly on the mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing against him chest to waist.

White hot desire threatened to overwhelm the small part of Krycek's brain that remained able to reason. He was supposed to be a green agent, ninety nine percent bravado. Nothing special. Not smooth, charming or anything he'd like to think he might actually be able to pull off. Staying in character had never been more difficult, although she was making it easier in a way to sound, and probably to look, like an idiot. "I... ahhh... Yeah... really like... g-girls."

She was nibbling an ear lobe and making inarticulate sex sounds in his ear. He slid his arms around her. Her sweater was softer than he'd anticipated, making it impossible for him to keep his hands still. She felt so good, better still as she moved her chest against his, threatening to deprive his brain of much needed oxygen. He had to pull back. All he needed was for the smoker to find out he got hard for Dana Scully. That had to be a black mark on the resume.

"So you're shy then," Scully asserted, noting that he'd determinedly created some distance between them. But... his arms were still around her. They looked to any observer, she was certain, quite possessive and offering her an... opportunity.

"A little. I guess."

Ah, a challenge. Tightening the grip of her thighs and levering herself using his shoulders, Scully shifted from sitting on the table to being completely supported by Krycek himself. That mouth making a small "Oh" of surprise begged to be kissed. What else was a girl to do?

What the hell was she doing? Grinning like a child, she'd practically jumped into his arms. To hold her up, he slid his hands to her ass. As soon as he steadied her, she kissed him slowly with a sensuous focus on his bottom lip before she slipped her tongue in his mouth. Playful rather than aggressive, she left the latter to him. He didn't disappoint her.

Once he got properly... warmed up, the guy could kiss. Knowing she shouldn't but unable to resist, Scully shifted her hips against his rising erection, swallowing the groan of her first name that that maneuver engendered.

Neither of them heard the door to the storeroom open. The two men in black suits grinned at each other, approaching silently. These folks were into it in a very big way. Too bad they didn't have video. Their boss liked pictures.

Scully had the fingers of her right hand entwined in Krycek's hair and her left arm draped over shoulders that were broader than she'd thought. Imagining him naked drastically increased the tension that had already been building. Shouldn't have done that. This is... revenge. Right Dana? Yeah. Pay back to Mulder. Nothing wrong with having a little fun... getting a little excited in the name of revenge, is there? What's he up to? He leaned me against a wall. Why? Oh, to free his hands. The one running along her side, brushing her breast, would make her scream in frustration if he didn't either stop or give her what he was making her want. Recognizing that a very significant part of her didn't want him to stop frightened her. Then he relented, his thumb caressing an erect nipple, sending a jolt of sexual current running through her body and all thought from her mind.


A new clip being rammed into a handgun makes a distinctive sound, loud enough to permeate the haze that Dana Scully had generated in Alex Krycek's mind. It was a noise a survivor couldn't fail to hear, interpret and confront. Turning just his head, Krycek snarled at the newcomers. "What?"

Both men took a step back. This wasn't Fox Mulder. Shit. Agent Scully was banging some kid. The older of the two stepped forward, a slight smile on his face. "Sorry to interrupt your..."

"Inventory." Scully's look at Krycek was as incredulous as those of the two men. Confused, but willing to follow his lead, she unlocked her thighs and slid down to the floor. She went to move away, but Krycek had a firm grip on her waist.

"So that's what they're calling it now."

"Look smart ass. Inventory is necessary, but very boring. So... you need breaks. Some people are partial to coffee. Dana here likes a little more... substance. And interruptions make her very cranky. Something that repeating myself makes me. So, what *do* you want?"

The two men hadn't expected a confrontation, not when they discovered their objective with this... boy. "We simply wanted to ask Agent Scully if she'd had any contact with Agent Mulder today."

Krycek caressed Scully's cheek. "Any Fox sightings, Dana?"

Dana Scully was busy reassessing her evaluation of Alex Krycek. He'd taken control of the situation effortlessly. "None. But then again, I've been... distracted."

"There you go. You guys have a nice day. Now, where were we?" Krycek turned his back on the black suits and grinned at Scully triumphantly. She smiled back and moved into his arms. The kiss that followed made Dana's knees weak, and the one after that threatened to launch her better judgment into next week.

"Come up for air, Krycek," Mulder ordered. There was no mistaking the tone - that made Alex take his time in complying and inspired Dana to allow him to do so. "That's enough of that." Mulder couldn't... didn't want to describe the emotions coursing through him as he watched these two together. The whole scene had been amazingly erotic even before Scully decided to put an exclamation point on the encounter.

She smiled at the younger man, buttoning his shirt, slowly, surely, touching him familiarly as she did it to exploit a few things she'd learned. Scully tied his tie in the same manner. Alex's eyes never left her face, his heart beating rapidly.

"C'mon, Krycek. We need to find William Malkin. To prove the lovely Agent Scully wrong. She doesn't believe that he can stop the East Gate Murders. Skepticism like that'll make you old before your time, Scully. Alex? Earth to Krycek. Come in Krycek."

"Krycek to Earth, over."

"Malkin. Remember?"

"Sure. The guy with the divining rod from Hell." Mulder grinned at his new partner, and winked at his former one.

"See you around, you siren."

"Cute, Mulder." Tabling her annoyance with Mulder, she smiled at the younger man. "Bye, Alex."

"Bye." He was shy again. What happened to the guy who dealt with the men in black so easily?


Fox Mulder glanced at Alex Krycek, who was sitting in the passenger's seat and staring out the window, a slight smile on his face and a faraway look in his eyes. "Thinking about your new girlfriend, Alex?"

Startled, he covered quickly. "Right. Mulder."

"It's ok. Really. Even Skinner would understand that particular... obsession."

Krycek grinned, snorted and then started laughing. "Skinner? You think?"

After changing lanes, Mulder glanced at his companion. "You bet. He's a sucker for blue eyed skepticism. Makes his toes curl."

"So what about you, Mulder?"


"Yeah. You worked with her for over a year. What does blue eyed skepticism do for you?"

"Gives me a headache." Krycek's grin, as he tried to nod gravely, was infectious. "So what kind of... ache does she give you, Alex?"

How to answer? Honesty might lead to a male bonding moment or to something less positive, if Mulder had a thing for Scully. Oh well, roll the dice. "The best kind. God, Mulder. Why didn't you tell me she was so hot?"

"You didn't ask. You assumed she was a cold fish. Just like everyone else."

"Believe that. Christ, Mulder, does she... let go like that on the quarter moon or every other Tuesday or what?"

Alex Krycek knew that today was a quarter moon? Interesting. "Don't know. Maybe you should ask her the next time you've got her pinned against the wall examining her tonsils with your tongue."

"As if there'll be a next time. She's probably back there brushing her teeth to get the taste of me out of her mouth. I never have any luck with that kind of woman."

To Mulder, the younger man's tone sounded like it had more than a hint of regret in it. "I don't know Alex, she seemed as into it as you were. At the end, anyway. She was leading your ass on big time at the beginning though."

"I knew that. But it didn't matter. She was so... so..."

Mulder wasn't sure he wanted to examine the virtues of Dana Scully from Alex Krycek's point of view. "So what kind of woman do you have luck with?"

"Way fewer brain cells, Mulder. You know. Someone that you find you can't really talk to after, making you wonder why you did her in the first place."

So young Alex liked a post-coital chat. He was likely a snuggler as well. Interesting facts all, but Mulder couldn't resist needling the kid a little more. "You gonna call her?"

"Huh?" Mulder gave Krycek his best 'Duh' expression. "Oh, Scully?"

"No." He smirked. "Dana."

"Funny, Mulder. From now on, she'll likely insist on Agent Scully, ma'am."

"No guts. No glory." Krycek shook his head and sighed, returning his gaze to the passenger door window, prompting Mulder to continue. "C'mon, Alex, you know you're going to think about her. A lot. Especially at night. When you're alone. Might as well call her."

"I'm not going to think about her, Mulder."


"Really. It's just a matter of discipline."

"You've got discipline?"

That question got Krycek to look at him again, cutting into the detachment the younger man had been trying to create. "You don't have to sound so amazed. Yes, as a matter of fact, I do."

"Forgive me, Krycek, but I bet the only... discipline you have in this regard runs to contemplating what Scully might be inspired to do to bring you in line, if you can convince her that she needs to. You know, tying you to a bed and doing unspeakable, yet intensely pleasurable things to you."

"Think what you want, Mulder. You will anyway even if I could offer conclusive evidence to the contrary."

The kid was developing an attitude, becoming more of a challenge and, Mulder had to admit, more intriguing. He had Scully to thank for that. Time to set him straight, though, in a very... meaningful way. "Do you mean to tell me... you'd have me believe... that you won't give a second thought to what happened today? That you won't shut your eyes and see her smiling at you? Feel her small, but ever so sure, doctor's hands running along your shoulders? She was fascinated by your shoulders. Did you notice that?" Not waiting for a reply, Mulder continued, "That you won't play in reverse those moments when she tied your tie and buttoned your shirt? Not consider what she looks like under that strategically clinging blue cashmere sweater? Ever?"

"Mulder, cut it out!"

"What? I'm just asking. Trying to understand how this... discipline thing works with you." Krycek was shifting in the passenger's seat, ostensibly trying to get comfortable. Mulder grinned, satisfied with his progress so far in teaching the younger man a lesson, before continuing in the same reasonable tone. "Really, Alex, I don't see how you just dismiss having her legs wrapped around you. How could you resist imagining that scenario played out at different angles and absent a few confining articles of clothing? I mean... that was a sexual position, if I've ever seen one. And rest assured, I have. No other way to characterize it. How *did* she feel by the way? Those thigh muscles tensed. Pressed up against you." The man in the passenger seat was blushing furiously. "She got you all worked up. Didn't she? Did you have a hard on for... Dana, Krycek?"

"Christ, Mulder. What's it to you?"

"Did the little vixen know how hot you were for her? Do you think she thought about what she might've done to you, if you'd actually been alone? How she might've eased your... pain with those perfectly sculpted lips? How long she'd tease you with her tongue and those manicured fingernails first? What she could make you do for her in exchange for the release of that pleasant, yet undeniable tension? Think so, Alex?"

"N... No. I don't... think she considered... any of those things."

"But you are, aren't you, Krycek?"

"Thanks to you. Damn it, Mulder!" The strain in the younger man's voice was obvious. His thought processes were manifesting themselves physically despite his best efforts to reassert his self-control.

"So you got hard for Scully then?"

"Shut up. Will you?"

"How cold is the shower going to have to be? Or will you find a sub-average IQ woman to... relax you? Maybe just jack off?"

"Maybe... I'll settle for kicking the shit out of you, Mulder. The repression option. Ever think of that?"

Fox Mulder just laughed, content to leave Alex with his own thoughts for the rest of the journey. Scully had certainly done a number on Krycek. Mulder wondered if she was even remotely aware of it.


Pendrell's birthday party. The actual date of his birth had been Tuesday, but the celebration was tabled for Saturday. A prudent decision, since alcohol consumption would be high. He'd asked her to his own party with huge puppy dog eyes, so Scully had agreed to go. Mulder wouldn't be there. He didn't do the social thing with other Bureau-types. Gave him hives, he said. Besides, he was working on an X-file late, perhaps quite late.

Since she really didn't feel like going out, she'd pushed the limits of fashionably late to the edge, and maybe a bit beyond. Which might've in retrospect been a miscalculation, since everyone had loosened up quite a bit before she arrived. She'd had to fend off the guest of honor and four or five of his best buddies. They couldn't seem to comprehend that touching her breasts through her sweater was not the correct way to say hello. Disgruntled, she got a drink and sought out a corner - someplace easy to defend. A friend from the Academy found her there. Though she was already well on her way to inebriated, she liked guys so Scully's sweater and chest were safe.

"No date?"

"Very observant, Kayla."

"There are a lot of single men here. Why not pick one?"

Noting the absence of a male companion in her friend's wake, Scully inquired archly, "Why haven't you?"

"I'm holding out for Alex."

Scully knew only one Alex that was even remotely likely to be included in this group. "Krycek?"

"He said he'd be here, if he could escape from Spooky."

Scully remembered many late working Saturday nights with Mulder, some of them even fondly. "I wouldn't count on it, Kayla. Mulder doesn't recognize weekends."

"But Alex does. Excuse me."

Scully looked in the direction that Kayla had moved and saw a vision in black. Leather jacket. Button down shirt. Jeans. Boots. Hair still damp from a shower. Oh. My. God. If he wore anything like that into the Hoover Building, there'd be a riot. She also noticed that the look on his face was like the one she imagined had been on hers when she'd entered the room - an "I'm way behind, and I don't know if I want to catch up" expression. Kayla reached him and pounced. Dana could think of no other word for it. Krycek looked... distressed. Scully closed the distance between them without thinking about it.

"But, Alex..." Kayla whined, pouting prettily, her hands inside his jacket.

"Kayla, I told you." Evading and then capturing her hands in his, Alex continued, "I'm seeing someone. It wouldn't be right to... "

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her. Besides, she'd probably understand. You look awesome. Been working out?"

"Five times a week."

"It shows," Dana interjected, smiling.


Interpreting his wariness correctly, Dana offered, "I got here late too."

He smiled broadly, relieved. "Good. I was worried I was the only one. Where's the birthday boy?"

"Out on the balcony, I think."

To Kayla, he muttered, "Excuse me, I've got to pay my respects to the ancient one." Taking Scully's arm, Krycek whispered, "If you think I'm letting you out of my sight, you're crazy. We need to watch each other's backs." Scully smiled and let him lead her out to the balcony and watched him look around in puzzlement. "I thought you said..."

"Separated you from your... admirer, didn't it?"

"Yeah. Uh... thanks."

A few moments of awkward silence prompted Scully to speak. "So, tell me about your girlfriend."


"You said you were seeing someone."

"Just my failed attempt to extricate myself from that... situation. You cold?"

"No." She shivered again. Damn it, Dana, don't be a wimp. Suddenly, she was much warmer, smelling leather, soap and... Alex. He'd put his jacket around her shoulders.


"Better. Uh... thanks." Her mimicking of his earlier comment garnered her a grin. However, Dana wasn't sure how to interpret the serious expression that he adopted immediately thereafter.

Tentatively meeting her eyes, he began. "Dana, I... Um... Look, about the other day... Um... I guess I got a little... carried away." Pausing, he stared raptly at the balcony carpet. "My... behavior was inappropriate and I'm sorry." He was biting his lower lip, glancing her way, exceedingly uncomfortable.

"Alex? I'm not sure I understand. Our situation dictated certain... departures from the norm."

"Certain ones, yes. But I..." Was he blushing? It was difficult to say for sure in the dim light emanating from Pendrell's apartment. Suddenly, Scully understood. He was actually apologizing for... physically responding to her and he looked so darn cute doing it.

"Then I'm sorry, too," she whispered, kissing him on the cheek and smiling wickedly.


"Fishing for compliments, Agent Krycek?'

"Depends. Would I get any?" Scully couldn't help but laugh at his choice of words. She waited for Krycek to appreciate her take on what he'd said, which he did. She liked the sound of Alex's laugh.

"I'm going to get a drink before I get in any deeper. Can I get you anything?" When she shook her head no, he added, "If I'm not back in five minutes, come in after me. Ok?" Her salute made him laugh again. Watching his ass as he walked away from her made her... very warm. Much more of that, and the jacket would no longer be unnecessary. Don't think about that Dana. Think nice calming thoughts. Unfortunately, no such thoughts came to mind in the short time he was gone.

Walking back out on the balcony, Krycek took a moment to observe the woman wearing his jacket, noting that he couldn't see anything of her outfit. His memory was that it'd been black. They matched. How nice. "No drink Alex?"

"Nah. Pendrell's passed out on his bed. And it's getting kind of outrageous in there. You want to get out of here?" Her vigorous nod was rewarded with a smile.


When they reached Scully's apartment, Alex sighed. Her place was wired for both picture and sound. He couldn't go in there. But this was where she seemed to feel comfortable going after they'd spent about five hours at a local club, drinking, dancing, talking and laughing. Laughing a lot. It had been a long time since Alex had spent an evening like this, and he couldn't bring himself to care that Mulder was expecting him at 8:00 am sharp. Fuck him. It was Sunday.

They hadn't kissed but they'd touched at every opportunity, virtually dancing inside each other's skin. Holding hands, he walked her home. Now here they were just outside her apartment door. She was looking at him with an enigmatic expression on her face. A mystery he couldn't afford the time to solve at the moment "I should go," he whispered.

"You probably should," she replied, slipping an arm around his waist and stroking his chest with the other hand.

"Mulder's got something planned for 8:00 am."

"Um. Hmm." Running her fingertips down the side of his chest and across his abdomen, she let them come to rest on his belt buckle and toyed with it.

"Dire consequences for tardiness were mentioned," Alex murmured around a swallow as she unbuckled his belt.


"Hmmmm." Sliding his belt out of the belt loops in his jeans unhurriedly, she smiled up at him.

"I... ahhh... Don't... God."

Scully was pleased by his reaction to her fingernails tracing his zipper so she repeated it, industriously untucking his shirt with her other hand, not satisfied until she gained access to the bare skin of his back.

"Dana. Please. I really n... need..."

"I know what you need, Alex. You need to come in, let me take off your clothes, and help you decrease this... swelling. Doctor's orders."

Video. Audio. Morleys being smoked as... Oh Jesus. "We're in the fucking hallway, Dana. Stop that."

She smiled from her knees, unzipping his jeans. "It's late. There's no one around. Relax and I'll make it all better. I promise." He was helpless to suppress a moan as she traced his length with a fingernail. If he let her go any further, his loss of control would be total. He'd be completely at her mercy. Couldn't. Let. That. Happen.

Forcing his eyes open, he fought to retreat from the pleasure she was leading him toward. "Come up here, Dana. Please." She stood slowly, her eyes never leaving his, her desire evident in the predatory was she was looking at and moving toward him. "You know I want you and you must have some idea how badly," Alex whispered, breathing rapidly. "Hell, I've been hard for what seems like days. But... I want... to do this right. You know. Flowers. Dinner. Not too much to drink. Lounging in bed late the next morning. Right now, all I could do is fuck you. I want... and you deserve... more than that."

That sounded good, but he was here right now. Why wait? "When?" Dana asked.

When, Alex? Hadn't thought that far ahead, had you? "Next Friday?"

"Done. Be here at 7:00."

"You got it." Bending down, he kissed her hard, silently vowing to figure out how to beat the surveillance by that time. The look in her eyes, as she zipped his jeans back up, almost changed his mind. His pragmatic side was just strong enough, but his hesitance made her smile.

"Don't be late."


"Good night, Alex," Dana murmured before kissing him soundly, tongue lazily wrestling with his.



Alex made it back to his car, smiling and whistling. It didn't matter that it was raining and cold. Krycek was feeling great, already thinking ahead to the following Friday, trying to figure out whether roses were appropriate. His contemplations were interrupted by the ringing of his cellular telephone. Sighing, he fished it out of his pocket. "Krycek."

"Early next week, Duane Barry will be activated. Be ready."

"What?" was stated to dead air. Duane Barry? The guy they planned to use to take Scully from... Mulder. No. Not now. Please not now. Damn it. She really wasn't that much of a problem. Not like he'd thought and reported to the smoker. She wasn't.

Alex Krycek hadn't realized that he'd begun to hope for a different future until those hopes were dashed, completely and utterly, as he leaned on the hood of his car in the cold rain.



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